PepperGreen Farm Catering

Catering to the community

Welcome to PepperGreen Farm Catering Bendigo, a social enterprise of Access Australia Group. PepperGreen Farm Catering Bendigo is dedicated to providing people living with disability in the Bendigo area employment opportunities and skill development by providing customers with healthy, fresh, homemade foods and excellent service at competitive prices.

PepperGreen Farm Catering Bendigo is three organisations rolled into one:

  1. We are a food-service business that provides an extensive range of menu options with an emphasis on fresh, quality food from the Bendigo area, including our own farm.
  2. We provide on-the-job training and employment for people with disability
  3. We are a training provider delivering nationally recognised vocational training in hospitality.

Whether it’s morning tea for training courses, lunch for the board of directors, catering for conferences or refreshments for a special event, PepperGreen Farm Catering Bendigo will help your function succeed.

Choose from our extensive range of quality catering options, which we’ll tailor to your specific requirements. We can cater for all dietary needs including dairy free, gluten free, vegan and diabetic. Contact us at our Bendigo headquarters to discuss all our options.

We also offer pickup and delivery five days a week to anywhere in the Bendigo area.

What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises trade to create social benefit. When you purchase from us, you are also strengthening the Bendigo community. At PepperGreen Farm Catering Bendigo, we recruit people who want to build careers in catering and hospitality. We reserve these jobs for people with disabilities – people too often excluded from the job market. Our profits are entirely reinvested into providing additional services that empower people with disabilities so please support PepperGreen Farm Catering Bendigo with your next function.