PepperGreen Farm Catering

Office Soup Pot


Our very popular office soup pot is back for winter 2017

Delicious hot soup delivered for your next meeting or working lunch

We deliver soup, bread & butter, disposable cups & spoons

Serves 15

Available May-October

Please call us to discuss the soup menu options available each week



Some examples of our soup menu options

Thai pumpkin– subtle tones of  lemongrass, ginger, chilli and coconut in this velvet smooth soup V, GF, LF, Vegan- Made with PepperGreen Farm pumpkins

Potato & leek– the ultimate comfort soup made from potato & PepperGreen Farm leeks  V, GF

Chicken & vegetable– chicken breast, PepperGreen Farm herbs & vegetables in a tomato base  GF, LF

Chicken & corn- Broth style GF, LF

Minestrone- bacon, tomato, PepperGreen Farm herbs & vegetables & pasta  LF

Spicy lentil & vegetable -in a tomato base V, GF, LF, Vegan

Super green soup- PepperGreen Farm zucchini, kale, spinach, leeks, peas, parsley with coconut milk   V, GF, LF, Vegan

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